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Sat 20 Jul 2024

About us

Together Against Cancer provides a much loved and valued service for people with cancer.

Together Against Cancer is a charity operating from their Leicester based ‘Education and Wellness Centre’. Their aim is to meet the complex needs of a cancer patient with practical, emotional, and physical support. They help people who have been diagnosed with cancer and those living with the traumatic aftereffects. They help anyone with a cancer diagnosis regardless of wealth, health, or diversity, including supporting their carers, and loved ones.

 A message from ‘Together Against Cancer’:

“We desperately need your help so we can expand our vital services. Until recently we have only delivered our services to adults, however sadly, due to the recent growing demand we have lowered our age group to supporting people with cancer aged 13 years and over. We now need to produce projects around young people with cancer and deliver programmes of real help. We urgently need family therapy for parents, siblings and grandparents of the young person diagnosed with cancer. The whole family suffers during this time, questions want to be asked and no one wants to ask them. We will supply a safe and welcoming place for families to come together to help and support each other. Family support comes in many forms using different activities such as making meals together, learning to communicate, confirming support and commitment, can make a huge difference to everyone involved”.

Together Against Cancer has an online Healing Hub’ which needs funding to grow and maintain. The online programme supports people and families who are unable to visit the ‘Wellness Centre’.  The online ‘Healing Hub’ is available for free and was born from patients urgently needing to connect to Together Against Cancer’s vital services during the pandemic. If you have been affected by cancer please connect with Together Against Cancer:       

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Julia Krupska

Email: [email protected]

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